Wetland Seed Mix

We ordered the wetland seeds!   

We went with plants that either had to be in wet lands, or that could handle having their feet wet.  The land is still pretty wet, even with the dry summer that we have been having.  

Grasses/Sedges/Rushes - 68% of the mix

  • Carex comosa (Bearded Sedge)
  • Carex lurida (Shallow Sedge)
  • Carex tribuloides (Blunt Broom Sedge)
  • Carex vulpinoidea (Fox Sedge)
  • Juncus effusus (Soft Rush)
  • Leersia oryzoides (Rice Cut Grass)
  • Panicum virgatum (Switch Grass)
  • Scirpus atrovirens (Dark Green Bulrush)
  • Scirpus cyperinus (Woolgrass)
  • Scirpus validus (Softstem Bulrush)

Forbs - 32% of the mix

  • Asclepias incarnata (Swamp Milkweed)
  • Aster umbellatus (Flat-Top White Aster)
  • Eryngium yuccifolium (Rattlesnake Master)
  • Eupatorium perfoliatum (Common Boneset)
  • Eupatorium purpureum (Purple Joe Pye Weed)
  • Helenium autumnale (Common Sneezeweed)
  • Hibiscus palustris (Marsh Rose Mallow)
  • Lobelia siphilitica (Great Blue Lobelia)
  • Pycnanthemum virginianum (Common Mountain Mint)
  • Silphium perfoliaum (Cup Plant)
  • Solidago riddellii (Riddell's Goldenrod)
  • Verbna hastata (Blue Vervain)

We won't be able to plant until the ground is dry - probably will do a frost seeding, so the seeds will go into the chest freezer until it is ready.