Almost honey - photo by Andrew Potter /

Almost honey - photo by Andrew Potter /

Our Honey

We think that our honey is the best honey around.  We set ourselves apart by making sure we provide the best possible product at every step of the process.  We pride ourselves in using the absolute best management practices from the breeds of our queens to our locally sourced bottles. 

  • We have the best bees.  We raise all of our own queens here in Michigan, focusing on stock that can handle diseases, requiring less input from us.  We are working with some of the best queen breeders in the country to find the strongest bees that can thrive in Michigan.  We are involved in multiple breeding programs, and has been focusing on raising hardy local stock that is disease resistant, gentle, and can bring in plenty of honey. 
  • We have great locations for our bees. In fact, in 2016 we had the pollen in our hives tested for a whole spectrum of pesticides including fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and varroacides, and all of the samples came back clean - no pesticides were detected in our hives.   All of our yards are in lands where they have plenty of clean, natural forage, and are buffered from pesticides. We are constantly monitoring and evaluating yards so that are bees are always kept in an area where they have access to sufficient nectar and pollen. 
  • Our bees are kept under the best care.  We only manage as many colonies as we can care for well, keeping each colony healthy.  This means that we will never grow too large, because we know we can do better with fewer colonies that are kept with in the optimal health.  Our first focus in on colony health - if our bees get sick, they are cared for under organic management practices, and brought back to health as quickly as possible.  Our dedication to best management is unrivaled in the area.  We have kept bees for over 20 years, but also continue to learn how to care for them.  We read and write for the trade journals, attend and speak at conferences, carry out studies and experiments on bee health, and talk about bees and beekeeping every day.  Meghan is nationally renown as an expert in honey bee management, and it shows.  We don't have the same struggles and high losses as a lot of beekeepers, so we know that our colonies are thriving under our care. 
  • We handle and process our honey to the highest standards.  We extract in certified facilities, and process everything according to state and federal regulations.    Our honey is never heated above temperatures that it would reach in the hive, and it is strained just enough to remove wax, but not filtered.   Meghan has degrees in public health and years of food handling experience, and it shows.  We know that our honey is not only delicious, but also safe and pure.

Where can you buy our honey? 

We sell 2 varietals of honey: our wildflower blend, and special extractions from the hives at the Haehnle Audubon Sanctuary.   Our blend honey is sold in quarts (46 oz), and both varieties can be purchased in a small jar (12 oz). 

You can find our honey at the following stores: 

We will also sell directly to you!  Please email us for pricing, and to set up a time for pick up.

We also occasionally do market sales or delivery - sign up on our mailing list at the bottom of the page to see if we will be selling honey at a location near you.